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Copy Trading for Followers

Make money on investing into social trading

Copy trades of experienced Signal Providers
and gain profits on their success.

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Fully automated system -
Quick automated execution of trading signals


No trading experience required -
Perfect for novice traders with lack of experience


Advanced risk control -
Grant easy control of your risks


No minimum deposit -
Copy trades with as low investment size as you want


Various compensation types -
Pay a fixed fee per lot, trade, or percentage of your profit

How to Start

In order to become a Follower and join our copy trading network, follow the steps below:

  1. Open an ECN Copy Pro account in the section "Copy Trading" - subsection "Register as Follower"
  2. Fund your ECN Copy Pro account in the section "Deposit and Withdrawal" - subsection "Deposit"
  3. Choose one or several Signal Providers from the rating table in the subsection "Follow Provider" of the section "Copy Trading" and click the “Follow” icon
  4. Configure the preferred copy settings for the chosen Signal Providers and press the "Follow" button
  5. Automatically copy the Provider’s trades to grow your investment
Register as Follower

Compensation Types

Each Signal Provider has an individual commission type and size on their accounts.

Fixed per lot -
You pay fixed amount in US dollars per lot for every trade you copy


Fixed per lot Profit/Loss -
You pay different fixed amounts for profitable and losing trades


Performance Fee -
You pay a performance fee (%) to the Signal Provider from your profit made from the copied trades

Fixed commission is paid on a daily basis during a rollover. Share commission is paid daily, weekly or monthly, according to Provider’s choice.

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