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Account types

(1) Market Execution only for instruments with 0 pip spread (like a EURUSD#, GBPUSD# etc.):
a. The trading commission is $10.
b. A Non-Qualified Trades Commission is applied.
c. Locked-Up Margin for hedged positions - 0%
(2) There might be exceptions from this rule.
(3) Micro lot equals to 1/100th of a standard lot. For example: Position on Cent (Interbank Cent) type account 200.00 lot equal 2.00 lot on Standard, Interbank Standard, and ECN Pro account types 
(4) There might be exceptions from this rule.
(5) If your balance goes negative due to Stop Out your losses will be covered by FXCL in full and you won't lose more than you have invested (Full terms in Trading Agreement).
(6) Minimum deposit for ECN Pro account is $100.
(7) ECN Pro is specifically designed for:
  • Scalping/Algo EAs and Strategies
  • Martingale/Grid EAs and Strategies
  • Professional Fund Management with the usage of MAM
  • Any strategies where it is important to place Entry/Stop Orders as close to the market price as possible. There are no distance restrictions at all for placing such orders on the ECN PRO account.

- For ECN Pro accounts with Fixed rate, the minimum trading volume of one position is 0.03 lot

(8) Please note that no expert advisors are allowed on the Start account type
(9) In regards to Live Contest Account (LCA), the following conditions apply:
  • The deposit range is $20 to $2000
  • No EAs are allowed
(10) Due to the specifics of the setup and operation of the ECN Pro account type (MAM, ECN Copy Pro), clients will see different prices on instrument charts and in the Market Watch section. Therefore, when trading, you need to focus on the prices published in the Market Watch (Ctrl+M). This specific feature applies to all instruments on the ECN Pro account type (MAM, ECN Copy Pro)

A useful tip for clients from Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, and Thailand - use Fixed rate option

Check the Open Account page to learn about the Fixed rate option which allows you to benefit from special FXCL conversion rate and increase your trading possibilities.