Account types

(1) Market Execution only for instruments with 0 pip spread (like a EURUSD#, GBPUSD# etc.):
a. The trading commission is $10.
b. A Non-Qualified Trades Commission is applied.
c. Locked-Up Margin for hedged positions - 0%
(2) There might be exceptions from this rule.
(3) Micro lot equals to 1/100th of a standard lot. For example: Position on Cent (Interbank Cent) type account 200.00 lot equal 2.00 lot on Zero, Standard and Interbank Standard/Plus account types 
(4) There might be exceptions from this rule.
(5) If your balance goes negative due to Stop Out your losses will be covered by FXCL in full and you won't lose more than you have invested (Full terms in Trading Agreement).

A useful tip for clients from Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, and Thailand - use Fixed rate option

Check the Open Account page to learn about the Fixed rate option which allows you to benefit from special FXCL conversion rate and increase your trading possibilities.