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MAM Service for Investors

Entrust the management of your investments to professional traders

Invest Program terms

How it works

Your investments are fully managed by professional traders with successful trading history. The manager makes a profit on your account, and you pay a set percent from this profit. Perfect solution for those who want to invest but have no time or desire for self-trading.

Advantages of MAM system

  • Your funds are managed by a professional trader
  • You spend no time on education and trading
  • Сhoosing from various Managers based on their trading results
  • Low trading costs and unlimited trading strategies
  • High profits right from the start of your trading career
  • Gained profit is immediately used for further trading
  • Switching between Managers in no time
  • Unlimited number of Investor accounts

How to invest

Choose a Manager from a MAM rating table and open an Investor account

Fund your account and see your balance grow

Diversify your portfolio with a few Managers to lower your risks and increase income

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