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Troubleshooting and FAQ

Troubleshooting the Software


If your user Interface crashes after login:

  1. Right click the MAM Software* shortcut on your computer and choose “Run as Administrator” in the dropdown menu;
  2. Try disabling the “UAC” (User Account Control) in your Windows control panel;
  3. If the user interface crashes on Windows OS that is set for a language other than English, contact our Support Team.

If increasing ‘Risk Multiplier’ has no effect on allocations:

  1. The risk multiplier works only for Equity, Balance allocation methods. Make sure your allocation is not set on ‘Even’ or ‘Lot’. By default, your allocation method is set to Equity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I remove an Investor Account from allocations without deleting the account?

A: Yes. If you don’t want an Investor Account to receive the Manager’s trade allocations, follow these steps:

  1. Login to the Manager Account you want to edit in the MAM Software User Interface;
  2. Click the “Refresh” button to view the current settings;
  3. Change the status from “Enabled” to “Disabled” for the required Investor Account and click the “Apply changes” button;
  4. Click the “Refresh” button to ensure that the changes were applied.

Note that all current positions on the Investor Account will be automatically closed. The Investor Account will no longer receive allocations until the status is switched to “Enabled” again.

If you wish to avoid closure of current positions on an Investor Account, you can change the status to “Inactive” instead. In this case, the positions on Investor Account will remain intact but all new allocations will not be sent.


Q: What if I get a “Trade is disabled” message when a Investor Account partially closes a trade?

  1. Investor Accounts are only allowed to open or close full trades. Partial closure or opening is not allowed.

Guide How to Avoid Future Problems

  1. For a more predictable distribution of the investors’ trading volume it is recommended you to close all your open positions when:
    1. introducing a new investor into your MAM system;
    2. before disconnecting an Investor from your Manager Account;
    3. before an Investor withdraws his/her funds, as the balance on Manager Account will be automatically reduced.
  2. Before opening a hedge position on your Manager Account, be sure that all of your Investors already have an opened hedged position. That includes the new Investors that might have joined your MAM system and might not have the required hedged position on their accounts yet.

    For example:

    The MM opens a 3 lots Buy trade on EURUSD for his/her 3 Investors in order to hedge it later. A 4th investor joins the MAM system but the Manager fails to open 1 lot Buy trade on EURUSD for that Investor as well. Instead the MM places a 3 lots Sell trade on EURUSD to hedge the positions. As a result, the trade on the 4th Investor’s account is not hedged at all and the trades on first 3 Investors’ accounts are not hedged in full.

  3. It is recommended that the leverage on Investor accounts is twice the leverage on the Manager account. This might help avoid premature closing of positions on Investors' accounts and/or not opening additional trading volume due lack of free margin. Your Investors’ leverage size is displayed in MAM software. In order to change the leverage on your Investors’ accounts, ask them to do it directly or contact our Support Team.

    For example:

    If the leverage on Manager Account is 1:300, it is preferable to change the leverage on the Investor Accounts to 1:600.

  4. If one or more positions on your Investor’s account were closed by Stop Out, the trading volume on your Manager account will be automatically reduced by the volume of the closed trade(s).

    For example:

    The overall trading volume on your Manager Account is currently 5 lots and is evenly allocated between 5 Investors - 1 lot per each Investor. If the trade on one of your Investor Accounts is closed by Stop Out, then your overall trading volume will be reduced to 4 lots.

  5. Be sure that the opened trading volume on your Manager account is enough for all of your Investors. If the volume is too low, it might not be equally distributed between all the investors. Make sure to increase your trading volume in case a new Investor joins your MAM system.

    For example:

    If you have 6 Investors, the minimum position to be opened is 0.06 lot, as 0.01 is the minimum volume to be allocated. If you open a position of 0.05 lot or less, then one or more of your Investors will not get any open trades.

  6. Minimum trading volume per 1 Investor is 0.01 lot. For example, the minimum required volume for 4 Investors is 0.04 lot. If you open a 0.03 position, the volume will be distributed between 3 Investors only, 0.01 each.
  7. To maximize the performance on your Manager account, be sure that your Investors have approximately equal deposits. It is recommended that the difference between accounts does not exceed 40%.

    For example:

    If at least one of your Investors has the deposit of $1000, be sure that all other investors have balances between $1000 and $1400.

* MAM Software - Multi-Account Management software