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FXCL Insurance Program

Protect Your Trading Funds and Avoid Risk of Loss!

Secure your deposits and receive up to a 100% payout with an Insurance from FXCL. You can cover any range from 10% and up to 100% of your funds.

Reasons to Go with FXCL Insurance:

  • Program is absolutely free
  • Easy fulfillment terms to receive coverage
  • Perfect tool to save funds on your account and minimize risks
  • Available on the most popular account types - Standard and Cent

How it works:

1. Deposit your account    2. Apply   3. Trade confidently by knowing that your funds are insured and safe.

Try loss-free trading!

Take advantage of the free funds insurance program!

Get insured

Main Provisions of the Program

  • Standard and Cent live trading accounts can be insured (excluding IB accounts)
  • The client can insure from 10% and up to 100% of the account's balance
  • Minimum deposit to be insured is $500 or its equivalent to the account's currency. There is no limit of a maximum insured deposit.
  • The insurance is paid to the client when the insurance event has occurred and the client has met the trading volume requirements.
  • The insurance event occurs when the account balance reaches 10% of the insured amount
  • The trading volume requirements depend on the size of the insured amount. The client has 365 days from the insurance registration date to meet the requirements
  • In case the client hasn't completed 100% of the required trading volume, he/she will receive the partial payment in accordance with the following terms:
    • 30% of the insured amount - if the client has completed more than 50% of the required volume
    • 40% of the insured amount - if the client has completed more than 70% of the required volume
    • 50% of the insured amount - if the client has completed more than 90% of the required volume
  • If the trading volume requirements at the moment of the insurance event are met, the client should send a request by pressing the “Apply for the insurance payments” button inside Trader’s Cabinet. The insurance payments to be credited to the client’s trading account during 5 business days after the compliance of the Program requirements is verified.
  • All positions on the trading account should be closed at the moment of request of the insurance payments
  • The spreads on the insured trading accounts are increased on 1 point
  • The commission for trading precious metals on the insured trading account stands at $10 per standard lot
  • In order to refuse the Insurance Program, the client should press the “Refuse Insurance” button in Trader’s Cabinet
  • The client can make withdrawals and internal transfers from the insured trading account, but the account's balance should not be less than the insured amount size after the transaction
  • The client can increase the insurance size after making a new deposit to the insured trading account. The new volume of the insurance cannot be less than the previous one
  • In order to change the insurance amount the client should press the “Update Insurance” button in Trader’s Cabinet
  • FXCL reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to amend and/or delete and/or completely terminate the terms of the Insurance Program.
In case you have any additional questions please don't hesitate to contact our Support Team.