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Refund Policy

This Refund Policy was developed to observe the principles of Clients’ fund protection and reduction of the Company’s financial and legal risks.

The Company does not accept any third party transactions and always checks the compliance of the data of the received payment with the Client’s personal information. If the personal information of the account-sender does not match the Client’s information, the Company reserves the right to refund/chargeback the net amount using the same method as received. The Company shall not receive any third party transactions, unless the Client such payments has been specifically approved by the Company’s Financial Department.

The Company shall not cancel any trading transaction upon the Client’s requests. Thus, any refund/chargeback request shall be considered only in case the payment was made no longer than one month before the official request and in case there was no other activity whatsoever on this trading account during this period.

In case of any refund/chargeback, the Client shall provide the Company with requested documents, in any, and cover all fees and reversed payments caused by this transaction. The Client shall be responsible for any damages or losses caused by misrepresentation of personal information and/or payment details.

The Company reserves the right to follow this Refund Policy at its sole discretion if it finds the Client’s actions inappropriate, fraudulent and/or suspicious.