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Volume Cash Reward

Free participation in Classic and Advanced events. Complete as many lots as possible during the promo period in order to get the biggest share of the total prize fund


Free participation without your investments.
Trading on demo accounts.


Bigger prizes than Classic.
Trading on demo accounts.

Volume Cash Reward


Number of participants = 5

Prize fund = $500

Total Lots traded = 50

Participant 1 traded = 30 lots



(Lots by Participant 1/Total Lots)*100 = Prize share (%)

(30/50)*100 = 60%

Prize fund x Prize share (%) = Reward

$500 x 60% = $300


Reward for Participant 1 = $300

How to get a prize


Open a Volume Cash account


Complete as many lots as possible every day


Receive your share from the prize fund


Possible prize funds up to $2,000

Possible prize funds

up to $2,000

Terms and Conditions

  • To participate in the Event, every participant should open a Volume Cash Account.
  • Trading conditions are the same as on a Volume Cash Account type (indicated in the Account Comparison table).
  • The prizes are distributed among all Qualified participants depending on the size of their trading volume (See the Volume Cash Reward General Terms)
  • The prizes are added to the live account balance.
  • Any trading strategy is allowed.
  • It is not allowed to use Expert Advisors.
  • The Volume Cash Reward General Terms apply.
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