First Step Promo

Real confidence
at the start
of your trading career

Up to

loss coverage

Up to

transaction fee coverage

Up to

cash gift


Up to

to Cashback Account

Up to

extra IB Commission


Start your trading career in FXCL with a pleasant gift.
Take part in our free coupon draw and get tangible support from our company.

How it works

Register a Trader’s Cabinet in FXCL Markets


Upload your documents to verify the cabinet


In the "First Step Promo" section of your Cabinet pick one of three coupons


Send a request for activating the picked coupon there


Redeem your coupon


Program Terms

  • Only new verified FXCL clients can participate in the program unless otherwise specified on the Company website.
  • Each client can participate in the program only once unless otherwise specified on the Company website.
  • In order to participate in the program, the client should choose one of three coupons in the “Promotions -> First Step Promo” section of Trader’s Cabinet.
  • The coupons are generated randomly.
  • The client might get one of five types of coupons: $7-$100 Loss Coverage, $5-$200 Transaction Fee Coverage, $3-$13 Cash gift, $5-$35 Cashback Account funds, 10%-30% IB Boost.
  • The Transaction Fee Coverage coupon can be applied to any payment system and to any transaction type, including deposits and withdrawals.
  • The Loss Coverage coupon can be applied to closed positions only. Only qualified positions are eligible for this promotion. If the position was fully or partially hedged by another position, it cannot apply for the coverage.
  • Cash gift coupons can be added to any account type except ECN Pro, MAM Account, and ECN Copy Pro.
  • Cashback Account funds coupon is added as a credit to Cashback Account. The bonus is automatically removed in 15 days after accrual. The bonus cannot be withdrawn. Profits made for trading the bonus funds can be withdrawn in full.
  • IB Boost coupon allows to increase all client’s IB commission received during the period chosen by the client. The period cannot exceed 30 trading days.
  • If the client receives the IB Boost coupon but does not plan on becoming an IB, he/she may participate in the First Step draw once again by pressing the “Try Again” button next to the IB Boost coupon. After pressing the button, the client will not be able to receive the IB Boost coupon again.
  • Coverage coupons can be used to cover one position/fee only. If the size of the coupon is less than the position/fee size, then the position/fee is covered partially. If the size of the coupon exceeds the position/fee size, then the remaining part of the coupon burns out.
  • Coverage coupons can be applied to positions/transactions made with the client's personal funds. Positions/transactions made with the no deposit bonuses (credit and/or balance) or other similar bonuses cannot be covered by the First Step Promo coupon.
  • Each coupon expires during a set period of time after receiving and shall be used before its expiration: Cash Gift is available 5 days, Loss Coverage - 30 days, Fee Coverage - 90 days, Cashback Account Funds - 15 days, IB Boost - 60 days.
  • If the coupon’s activation was declined, the client can send a new activation request.
  • The coupons cannot be applied to transaction fees and positions on ECN Pro, ECN Copy Pro, and MAM accounts.
  • The Company reserves the right to exclude any client from the First Step Promo at any time at its sole discretion.