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MT4 - the Most Versatile Trading Platform


From the endless list of trading platforms, FXCL Markets has chosen MetaTrader4 - number one among the majority of Forex traders. MT4 is famous for its powerful features which help you make well-considered trading decisions.

This platform is very easy to use, which is a key to those who’ve never traded before or those who’ve just started to gain the Forex knowledge. At the same time, the experienced traders can develop their own Expert Advisors (EAs) and/or technical indicators as the MT4 platform provides the support to customized features. Thus, it’s very appealing to beginners and experts in Forex trading.

Also, the MT4 platform incorporates a high level of security to make sure your trading on Forex is safe and out of danger of attacks of any kind to your account. There the data is encrypted between a trader and the server, so MT4 is a highly secure platform.

MetaTrader4 allows you to:

To make it even more convenient, you can check a detailed overview about this platform.

Let’s not forget that the MT4 platform is still widely utilized by traders, forming a huge community. In such a way, it’s much easier to reach out to traders and notify them of any upcoming news.

MetaTrader4 for Desktop

A desktop version of the MT4 platform has a user-friendly interface that helps you adjust settings the way you prefer. Besides, to install it is really simple, and our short instructions on how to install/uninstall the platform will guide you through it. Simply press the button below and start making steps forward to your future profits on Forex.

Mobile MetaTrader4

With a mobile version of the platform, you can trade from any place whenever you want. Just install the MT4 platform, depending on your mobile device (Android or iPhone), enter the login details of your account and gain the opportunity to collect profits right away!