$50 No Deposit Bonus

Real Profit from Virtual Bonus

Open Bonus Account

Start your trading career with our financial support. Receive $50 to your Bonus Account and turn it into real profit on your Live account.


To Receive the Bonus

1. Register and verify your Cabinet, then open the Bonus Account.   2. Receive free $50 deposit from FXCL and start trading.   3. Gain maximum trading profit during the next 2 weeks.
4. Make a deposit larger than a size of profit to a newly opened Live Account.   5. Transfer profit to the Live Account and withdraw it after trading only 5% of its size.


  1. You receive $50 No Deposit Bonus and gain additional $100 profit on your Bonus Account in 2 weeks.
  2. You open a new Live account, deposit $100 and additionally receive your $100 Bonus profit. Your balance in total is $200.
  3. In order to withdraw your Bonus profit, you need to trade at least 5 standard lots in total (5% from $100). Only lots traded on the linked live account after the transfer are counted.

Main Provisions of the Program

  • The bonus is available between January 1, 2017 - May 1st, 2017.
  • The Bonus is available for new verified clients only.
  • The Bonus Account has special trading terms: Mini account, no EAs allowed, minimum position size is 0.1 standard lot, leverage from 1:500.
  • After the 2 week trading period ends, the trading on the Bonus Account will be automatically stopped and the bonus $50 will be removed from the Account.
  • The $50 No Deposit Bonus and Margin Support Bonus are mutually exclusive which means that each authorized client can receive only one of them.
  • The Client should complete the withdrawal terms during 2 months from the moment the Bonus profit is transferred to Live account. During this period the Client may withdraw only his/her deposit.
  • If the Client fails to complete the withdrawal terms during 2 months, the Bonus profit will be automatically annulled.
  • Rebates and bonuses general rules and conditions apply

In case you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team.