130% Youtube Bonus

Make a Deposit

Any cooperation with our company will bring you money! Simple subscription to the FXCL Youtube channel grants you a 130% deposit bonus, which you can partially withdraw any moment, once you trade only a half of the required volume!

To Receive the Bonus

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1. Deposit any amount to your Live trading account   2. Subscribe to the FXCL Youtube channel   3. Request and receive the 130% Youtube Bonus to the credit of your account

Bonus Terms

  • Bonus limit per trader is $2,000.
  • In order to receive the bonus, the client should subscribe to the FXCL Youtube channel and send the proof of subscription to rebate@fxclearing.com. The proof should contain the screenshot with the subscription button of the FXCL Youtube channel and the link to the client’s Youtube channel and/or the client’s name, in case the client’s Youtube channel name matches his/her full name.
  • The client cannot receive the bonus if he/she is not subscribed to the FXCL Youtube channel at the moment of request processing.
  • The bonus can be received by each trader only once.
  • The bonus can be withdrawn partially as soon as the client completes at least 50% of the required withdrawal terms.
  • In case the bonus is requested to be partially transferred to the balance of the account, it will be proportionally added depending on the number of completed standard lots.
  • When transferring part of your bonus to the balance, the remaining part of the credit will be annulled.
  • Rebates and bonuses general rules and conditions apply.
  • The promotion is available between January 1, 2018 — February 28, 2018.
* Please make sure you have made a deposit before you request the bonus