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FXCL Prepaid Card

Instant, Easy and Flexible Deposit


Why Using a Prepaid Card ?

Prepaid Card (PC) is a card containing а unique code that you can use to deposit your FXCL Trading Account.
PC cards can be used as an alternative method for Local Deposit users, because it has many advantages:

Instant Deposit

Using a PC, your deposit will be processed automatically and will be added to the balance of your trading account instantly after you input the code in the form available in your Trader’s Cabinet.

Easy to use

Using a PC is very easy. You just need to add the code to the form available in Trader Cabinet, then the funds will be automatically added to the balance of your trading account.


Using a PC you can add more funds to your trading account anytime you want, even during the holidays.

Valid forever

There's no expiry date for a PC, so you can keep a PC as an "emergency fund" that you can use any time in case you need to add more funds to your trading account immediately.


Facts About Prepaid Cards

Valid For All Accounts

You can use PC with all types of a trading account, as long as the account is using Local Banking as a deposit method.

How To Get It

You can buy a PC at faychanger.com
Using an express service, you can get your PC Code in minutes

Withdrawal to Your Bank Account

If you deposit using a PC, your wd request will be processed using Local Banking method, where your funds will be send directly to your bank account.

No Fee

No Additional fees to get a PC. The amount you pay to get a PC is based on the current buying rate provided by the exchanger (which is the same rate to process FXCL's Local Deposits)

PC Delivering

Currently FXCL only provides PC Codes. After your payment is sent, the exchanger will send the codes to you by replying to your payment confirmation email.

PC Amount

PC codes are available for any amount starting from $1


How To Deposit Using a PC ?

To deposit using a PC, please follow the steps below :

1. Get the PC code via email 2. Login to your Trader's Cabinet
3. Click the "Deposit" button 4. Choose the trading account you want to deposit 5. Choose the PC deposit method
6. Fill in the form for the PC deposit request 7. Click the "Check" button 8. Click the "Submit" button

PC Calculator

*The exact amount depends on an IDR current market rate and will be recalculated before PC activation.

Can We Use PC In a Fixed Rate Account ?

Yes, you can. The PC amount will be recalculated if you use it with a Fixed Rate account.

Example :

  • Current buying rate is IDR 13,000 per USD
  • You pay IDR 1,300,000 to buy a $100 PC
  • If you use this $100 PC on account with a market rate, the amount added to the balance will be $100
  • If you use this PC on a Fixed Rate account when the real rate is changed to IDR 13,100 per USD, the amount added to the balance will be recalculated at a fixed rate as "PC amount"" x "current rate" / "fixed rate": $100x13,100/10,000= $131