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Increased IB commission

Every day matters, every achievement counts:
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FXCL team values your business and would like to reward you with an increased IB commission for high daily volume of trades of your clients. Each day is a new chance to receive an Increased IB commission.

Receive up to 100% of your IB commission for your referrals’ trades. The amount of additional commission depends on the number of active clients and the total volume of their daily trades and is added automatically to the balance of your trading account on a daily basis.

You can easily calculate the percent of your additional commission using this table below:

  Number  of active clients per business day* Minimum traded lots per business day, (lot)** Additional IB commission, (%)***
Zone  C 5-20 3 20
7 30
11 40
Zone  B 21-40 11 50
26 60
41 70
Zone  A 41-60 41 80
66 90
86 100

* Only those clients whose daily combined trading volume is equal to at least 0.25 standard lot per day will be taken into account when calculating the total daily traded volume. Only this volume will be entitled for Increased IB Commission.
** In order to receive additional IB commission, please make sure your clients’ daily traded volume reaches the required minimum number of lots indicated on the chart above.
*** Increased IB commission is available for all account types.



Your clients’ activity for today is:

  • icon user 11 clients traded
  • icon money-bag together they have completed 60 lot
  • icon dollar $500 IB commission earned

You are at the C Zone of the chart and you get additional 40% of your IB commission.

So your total commission for today is: $500 + $500 * 40% = $700

In case you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team.