Two-Tier Compensation Program

The bigger your IB network, the higher your income!

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With the Тwo-Тier IB compensation program, you have an opportunity to greatly increase your income by inspiring your own referrals/clients to build their own sub-IB networks.

Your Guide to Success:

Become a master IB ico

Become an IB:
1) Open an IB account
2) Refer your friends and any other traders, using your IB link.
3) Get your IB Commission for their trades.

Become a master IB ico

Become a master IB:
1) Inspire your new referrals to become IBs.
2) Help your existing clients to become your Sub-IBs
3) Start getting an additional commission for your Sub-IBs clients’ trades.

Your IB Commission:

Your IB commission is your guaranteed profit for as long as your clients and your Sub-IB clients continue to trade (the size of your IB commission further increases with your performance).

  • Your overall compensation consists of:
  • 40% of spread per lot for the trades of your referrals and Sub-IBs;
  • 10% of commission for the trades of your Sub-IBs' clients.
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Main Provisions of the Program:

  • An Introducing Broker who convinces his or her clients to also register as IBs - becomes their Master-IB.
  • А client who registered as an Introducing Broker under his/her Master-IB becomes their Sub-IB.
  • A Sub-IB that refers new IBs will also become a Master-IB - but his/her initial Master-IB continues receiving 10% commission for his/her direct clients’ trades.
  • Master-IB receives the 40% spread commission for his/her direct clients’ trades and 10% of commission for his/her Sub-IB clients’ trades.
  • A Sub-IB receives the 40% of spread commission per lot for his/her direct clients’ trades.
  • The maximum commission size for Forex instruments is 3 pips and for metals (XAGUSD, XAUEUR, XAUUSD) - up to $10 for all account types.
  • Any IB commission is paid for qualified trades only.
  • Sub-IB commission is paid on daily basis. Commission is added automatically to Master IB's IB account every day at 00:20 Server Time.
  • The Sub-IB commission is not deducted from the Master-IB commission - it is paid in full by FXCL.
  • Only clients registered as IBs via a particular IB’s referral link may become his/her Sub-IBs.
  • Any attempts by the Master-IB to defraud the system by moving the existing retail clients under Sub-IB status with the express purpose of increasing commission, will lead to complete disqualification of this Master-IB from the IB program.
  • The terms of the IB Agreement apply to all participants of the IB program.
  • The company reserves the right to resolve all contentious issues of the program at its own discretion.
  • For Zero Spread account, the IB commission will be paid for orders that fulfill distance and time interval requirements. Please view more details in the table.
  • For ECN Copytrade account, the IB commission size is 0.25 pips per lot. Maximum IB commission size for XAGUSD is $2.5 per lot. 

In case you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team.