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Two-Tier Compensation Program

The bigger your IB network, the higher your income!

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With the Тwo-Тier IB compensation program, you have an opportunity to greatly increase your income by inspiring your own referrals/clients to build their own sub-IB networks.

Your Guide to Success:

Become a master IB ico

Become an IB:
1) Open an IB account
2) Refer your friends and any other traders, using your IB link.
3) Get your IB Commission for their trades.

Become a master IB ico

Become a master IB:
1) Inspire your new referrals to become IBs.
2) Help your existing clients to become your Sub-IBs
3) Start getting an additional commission for your Sub-IBs clients’ trades.

Your IB Commission:

Your IB commission is your guaranteed profit for as long as your clients and your Sub-IB clients continue to trade (the size of your IB commission further increases with your performance).

  • Your overall compensation consists of:
  • 40% of spread per lot for the trades of your referrals and Sub-IBs;
  • 10% of commission for the trades of your Sub-IBs' clients.
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Main Provisions of the Program:

  • An Introducing Broker who convinces his or her clients to also register as IBs - becomes their Master-IB.
  • А client who registered as an Introducing Broker under his/her Master-IB becomes their Sub-IB.
  • A Sub-IB that refers new IBs will also become a Master-IB - but his/her initial Master-IB continues receiving 10% commission for his/her direct clients’ trades.
  • Master-IB receives the 40% spread commission for his/her direct clients’ trades and 10% of commission for his/her Sub-IB clients’ trades.
  • A Sub-IB receives the 40% of spread commission per lot for his/her direct clients’ trades.
  • The maximum commission size for Forex instruments is 3 pips and for metals (XAGUSD, XAUEUR, XAUUSD) - up to $10 for all account types.
  • Any IB commission is paid for qualified trades only.
  • Sub-IB commission is paid on daily basis. Commission is added automatically to Master IB's IB account every day at 00:20 Server Time.
  • The Sub-IB commission is not deducted from the Master-IB commission - it is paid in full by FXCL.
  • Only clients registered as IBs via a particular IB’s referral link may become his/her Sub-IBs.
  • Any attempts by the Master-IB to defraud the system by moving the existing retail clients under Sub-IB status with the express purpose of increasing commission, will lead to complete disqualification of this Master-IB from the IB program.
  • The terms of the IB Agreement apply to all participants of the IB program.
  • The company reserves the right to resolve all contentious issues of the program at its own discretion.
  • For symbols with zero spread on the Standard account, the IB commission will be paid for orders that fulfill distance and time interval requirements. Please view more details in the table.

In case you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team.