MetaTrader4 on Mac OS

Install MetaTrader4 terminal on Mac OS

In order to trade on MetaTrader4 terminal on your Mac, you need to install additional software first, which allows running Microsoft Windows programs on iOS. We suggest using PlayOnMac, but you may investigate other programs to do so.

Use this step-by-step instructions to install and launch the MT4 terminal on your Mac:

1. Download the PlayOnMac installation file via the following link



2. Find and launch the installation file in your browser downloads list or in the Downloads folder of your computer.

3. In the opened window drag the PlayOnMac file to Applications folder shortcut in order to start the installation process.

4. Please note that in order to operate the PlayOnMac program requires the XQuartz open-source application, which the Apple Inc. contributes to. If the application is not installed on your Mac, it will automatically begin the moment you launch the PlayOnMac program or try to install the MetaTrader4 terminal via PlayOnMac. In order to download the XQuartz application, simply launch the PlayOnMac program and click the “Next” button in every opened window, until the download process begins.

  • If your system does not allow you to open the PlayOnMac file because the installation of the applications from other developers is disabled on your Mac, follow the following simple steps:
    • Go to “System Preferences” on your computer
    • Choose “Security & Privacy” option
    • Once you unlock the ability to apply changes in the section, mark the “Anywhere” checkbox in the “Allow apps downloaded from:” section

5. Once the XQuartz application is downloaded, proceed to the installation. During the process you will find more information about the application itself. In order to complete the installation, you shall accept the terms of the XQuartz license agreement.

6. Once the installation of the XQuartz application is complete, you need to restart the PlayOnMac program.

7. As soon as you complete all operations with the PlayOnMac program, download the MetaTrader4 terminal for Windows from our website and open the file. The program will be automatically opened through the PlayOnMac program.

  • Note that MetaTrader4 terminal is officially supported by PlayOnMac, but the application does not recognize individual instances of the program configured for specific broker.

8. Once the installer is opened, click the “Next” button. In the second window enter any desirable name of the program, which will be used for the program icon. We suggest using “FXCL MT4”. Press the “Next” button again.


9. Further actions match the instructions for Windows MetaTrader4 installation. Accept the terms of the End-User License agreement, which will forward you to MQL5 website. You will be able to return to installation process and once the program is installed, your MT4 terminal is ready for use.

  • As soon as you launch the MetaTrader4 terminal, follow the instructions below to start trading:
    • In the first opened window choose the required server: “FXCL-Demo” for demo trading or “FXCL-Main2” for live trading.
    • If you already have an account with FXCL, mark the “Existing trade account” checkbox in the next opened window, fill in your login information, press the “Next” button, and begin trading.


10. For a quick access to your MetaTrader4 terminal, create a shortcut on your desktop:

  • Launch the PlayOnMac program
  • Click the “Configure” button (with the cogwheel icon)
  • Select “FXCL MT4” in the new window (or any other name you chose for the terminal)
  • Click “Make a new shortcut from this virtual drive”


  • In the next window choose “terminal.exe” and click the “Next” button 

  • Once you return to the PlayOnMac main window, select the new internal shortcut and choose “Create a shortcut” option to add a new shortcut to your desktop.

  • Now you can launch your MetaTrader4 terminal directly from the desktop of your Mac.