Live Contest

Compete to reach top-10 and win!

Participate in the Live Contest in order to get cash prizes

Period: 07.08.2022 - 19.08.2022
This Contest finished.
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Live Contest

Join the Live Contest to win prizes.
It’s simple. Trade with your own funds for the Contest period and
get the biggest profit percentage on your account among other participants.

Prize fund
2 weeks



How to get a prize


Open a Live Contest Account and make a minimum deposit of $20


Trade every day, completing the minimum required volume


Gain the biggest profit percentage (see no.5) during the contest period


Receive your prize

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Terms and Conditions

  • To participate in the Contest, every participant should open the Live Contest Account.
  • The client can deposit their Live Contest Account several times only during the registration period. A minimum deposit amount of $20 is required to be eligible for the Contest participation. During the Contest period, deposits and transfers to the Live Contest Account are prohibited.
  • The trading conditions of the Contest account are the same as of a Live Contest Account type (indicated in the Account Comparison table).
  • During the Contest period, the participant needs to trade every day and complete the required overall trading volume of at least 0.10 standard lot daily.
  • The rating of the winners is composed on the basis of determining the biggest value of the profit percentage among other participants, taking part in Contest at the moment of its ending.
  • The prizes are added to the account balance based on the rating.
  • Any trading strategy allowed based on the general trading terms can be used during the Live Contest.
  • During the registration period and Contest period, transfers from Live Contest Account are allowed. In case of any transfer or withdrawal from the Live Contest Account during the Contest period, the participant will be disqualified from the Contest.
  • Expert Advisors are not allowed.
  • The Contest General Terms apply.