Extra Paycheck Bonus

How do you like the idea of getting an extra paycheck for Christmas? This December, your balance will be packed with an extra bonus to your profits.

+ 40% to your profits
Up to $300 right to your balance
Immediately available for withdrawal

How it works

In December, open a new account in your Cabinet and mark the “Join Extra Paycheck Promo” checkbox


Make a total deposit of $100 during the promo period


Get an extra 40% to your profits made till December 23rd right to your balance

Open Account

Bonus Terms

  • Promo is available from December 1st to December 23rd.
  • All account types except ECN Copytrade take part in this promotion.
  • The Client can open only one Promo Account.
  • All trading terms and Company policies applied to regular trading account types are also applied to Promo Account.
  • In order to participate in the program, the Client should open a new trading account between December 1st and 23rd and mark the “Join Extra Paycheck Promo” checkbox.
  • In order to receive the bonus, the Client should make a total deposit of $100 to Promo Account during the promo period.
  • During the promo period, the Client can freely fund the Promo Account.
  • Internal transfers to Promo Account are closed till December 30th.
  • Any withdrawal or internal transfer from a Promo Account till December 23rd will automatically disqualify the account from the program. Further participation in the program will no longer be available for the Client.
  • Trading on Promo Account will become available on December 2nd at 00:05 Server Time.
  • On December 23rd all open positions on Promo Accounts will be automatically closed and trading will be blocked.
  • The Clients who have gained profit on their Promo Accounts will receive an additional 40% to their profit amount. The bonus is granted for an overall profit gained for trades conducted from December 1st to December 23rd.
  • Only qualified trades are used in calculations of profit/loss.
  • The bonus will be added on December 23rd directly to the balance of the Promo Account.
  • The minimum bonus size is $5. The maximum bonus size is $300.
  • On December 30th at 00:05 Server time trading on Promo Account will become available again. All other terms will become the same as for regular accounts, including withdrawal and internal transfer terms.
  • The Promo Account cannot participate in any other FXCL promotion program until December 30th.
  • The Company reserves the right to remove the Client from the program in case the Company suspects any fraud, including but not limited to, attempt of the same Client to participate in the program multiple times, hedging between regular and Promo Accounts, participation of a few Clients from the same IP Address, usage of VPS, VPN, Proxy, and others. In case the Company suspects the fraud, all trading results on Promo Account will be annulled.
  • Rebates and bonuses general rules apply.