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MAM Service for Managers

Make profits on the management of other trader’s money

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How it works

Use your professional skills to trade other people’s money and get a percentage of the gained profit. The better you trade, the more investments you attract and the higher income you make.

Advantages of MAM system

  • Unlimited number of investors and capital
  • Ability to set your own account terms
  • Up to 50% of profits gained
  • Performance fee gained monthly, weekly, and daily
  • Managing the percentage of investors’ trading volume
  • No limitations on trading strategies and EAs
  • Ability to refer a Partner to promote your service
  • Instant transfer of performance fee to the linked account
  • Transparent commission calculation system
  • Easy account and investors’ management in your Cabinet

How to become a Manager

Open an account (except ECN Pro) to gain your commission

Verify your profile and open a Manager Account

Download our MAM program to manage investors’ trading volume

Start trading once you get your first investment

Refer Partners

If your trading skills are better than marketing, you can always invite one of FXCL IBs to your team or bring a new IB to the company. The Partner will refer new investors to your MAM account and gain a percentage of your performance fee.

Preset Commission

The IB refers new investors to your MAM account and you pay 10% of your performance fee, made by this IB’s customers.

Contractual Commission

Negotiate the commission size with your new Partner. Choose the starting payout size and the minimum equity the IB’s clients should reach in order to get a higher percent.

To add a new partner

New Partner chooses your account from the rating table and contacts you via email

Negotiate the commission type and size

Link the Partner to your MAM account in the Cabinet and wait for the upcoming investments

If you have proven high trading results but no IB contacts you, let us know. We might give you a hand in searching for a potential Partner.

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