Gift Cards for Trading

Unlimited chances to get rewarded for your completed trading volume

Types of Gift Cards
You May Receive

Up to $12
Cash Gift
Up to $35
to Cashback Account
Up to 250%
Extra Smart Bonus

How to Get
Your Gift Card

Register and verify your cabinet

Trade and complete the required trading volume per trader

Pick one out of 3 cards in the section “Promotions” – “Gift Cards for Trading”

Receive your
 gift card

Start Trading

Promo Terms and Conditions

Summer Boost for Gift Cards is valid for a period of 17.06.2024 - 30.08.2024

  • This promo is available to FXCL clients with verified cabinets, unless otherwise is specified.
  • Each client can participate in the promo unlimited number of times, unless otherwise is indicated on the company’s website.
  • To take part in the promo, the client needs to choose one of three cards in the section “Promotions” - “Gift Cards for Trading” in the Cabinet.
  • Gift Cards are generated on a random basis.
  • The client gets a chance to receive one of three cards: $3-12 Cash Gift, $5-35 credits to the Cashback Account, or 130%-250% Extra Smart Bonus:
    1. Card “Cash Gift” can be added to any live account type, except for ECN Pro, MAM, ECN Copy Pro and the Cashback Account. The given card amount can be withdrawn at any time.
    2. Card “Credits to Cashback Account” can be added in the form of credit funds to the Cashback Account. The credit funds are removed automatically in 15 days after accrual. The credit funds cannot be withdrawn. Profits, gained from trading with the credit funds, can be withdrawn in full.
    3. Card “Extra Smart Bonus” can be credited for recent deposits, starting from $100. Maximum bonus amount is $2000 per month.
  • Only non-hedging qualified positions are taken into account in this promo. If the position was fully or partially hedged by another position, it will not be eligible in this promo.
  • Trading volume is calculated to be the total of all active live accounts from the cabinet. Account types, like ECN Pro, MAM and ECN Copy Pro, as well as the Cashback Account, are not included in the calculations.
  • To get a chance to pick one of the gift cards in your cabinet, you need to complete the required trading volume of 1.50 non-hedging qualified lots, which is calculated in total on all live accounts.
  • The required trading volume should be open and closed during one calendar month to be considered in the calculations.
  • At the moment of choosing the card, the whole client’s cabinet should have the minimum total Equity, set by the promo and made public on this promo page. All live account types are counted in the minimum total equity, except for the ECN Pro, MAM and ECN Copy Pro, as well as the Cashback Account.
  • Each gift card has the set expiration period after it’s been picked and should be activated before it expires. Cash Gift is available for 10 days, Cashback Account funds - 15 days, and Extra Smart Bonus - 30 days.
  • If the card activation has been rejected, the client can send a new request for activation later provided the minimum requirements are met.
  • The Company reserves the right to exclude any client from the Gift Card for Trading promo at any time at its sole discretion.