Volume Cash Reward General Terms

  1. Volume Cash Reward (VCR) participants are all the clients that have read and agreed with the Volume Cash Reward General Terms.
  2. To participate in the Program, a Client should register a Volume Cash Account (VCA) in his/her Trader’s Cabinet.
  3. Trading on the VCA is allowed only during the Program duration.
  4. Registration for each Event is available only during a period specified in the particular VCR Program terms.
  5. Each participant can open only one VCA. Only one participant can be registered from one IP address.
  6. VCR Program participants are not allowed to use anonymous proxy servers. If the Company detects connections from a few IP addresses from different regions to the same VCA, this Account may be excluded from the Program.
  7. Every participant who remained in the rating table (Qualified participants) shall receive a guaranteed reward.
  8. The rewards are distributed among all Qualified participants depending on the size of their trading volume under the following formula:
    SOE($) (Pn) = (Prize Fund ($) / SumNHQLots)*NHQLots (Pn)

    SOE (Share of earnings) is the participant’s reward.
    Prize Fund is the sum distributed among all Qualified participants.
    SumNHQLots is a total number of traded non-hedging qualified lots.
    NHQLots is a number of non-hedging qualified lots traded by a particular participant.
    Pn is a participant.

    For example:
    Number of qualified participants - 5
    Prize fund - $1500
    Total lots traded - 150
      Participant 1 Participant 2 Participant 3 Participant 4 Participant 5
    Lots traded 20 30 15 25 60
    Calculation ($1500/150)*20 ($1500/150)*30 ($1500/150)*15 ($1500/150)*25 ($1500/150)*60
    SOE($) (Pn) $200 $300 $150 $250 $600
  9. The prize funds might be of three types:
    1. Balance funds to a live account;
    2. Credit funds to a live account;
    3. Credit funds to a Cashback account.
  10. Prize bonuses are credited to one of the Client's live accounts of his/her choice, except ECN Pro, MAM, and ECN Copy accounts. The account for the prize is chosen during registration in the Event and cannot be changed.
  11. The bonuses are added within a few days after the end of the Event. No additional request is required.
  12. The bonus reward is added to the participant's live account only after verification of his/her Trader’s Cabinet. Otherwise, the company reserves the right to refuse to accrue remuneration.
  13. Credit bonus funds received for the Program cannot be withdrawn from the trading account. The profit received from trading with these credit funds is available for further trading, withdrawal and/or internal transfer, unless otherwise specified in particular Event terms.
  14. Credit bonus funds are available on live trading account and Cashback account for 30 days from the moment they are credited, unless otherwise specified in particular Event terms.
  15. VCR Program participants acknowledge that all operations within no deposit Events are carried out exclusively with virtual funds. Clients cannot make any financial claims to the Company.
  16. To participate in the Program, the Client should follow these General Terms. Ignorance of these Terms is not an argument for a claim.
  17. The VCR Event start and end times are stated in Server Time that is displayed in the trading terminal and on the Company's website.
  18. The Company reserves the right to use any information about the Program participants, publish their trading history, provide public access to their accounts using the investor password, and publish it in any media for advertising purposes.
  19. The Company may, at any time, refuse to provide bonus rewards, as well as withdraw existing ones, if the participant violates any Company rules and/or commits a fraud aimed at winning the prize fund.
  20. Only non-hedging qualified lots are calculated for the VCR Program (See details in Clause 22 of Trading Agreement). Two positions opposite positions on the same trading instrument that intersect in time are considered hedged regardless of their volume.
  21. After the end of the Event, all positions on the VCA’s will be automatically closed and the Accounts will be transferred to the No Trading mode.
  22. The final results are summed up within 3 - 5 business days after the end of the Event and are published on the Company’s website. In some cases, the summing up may exceed the specified period which will be announced additionally.
  23. VCA’s can be reused for subsequent Events. Before the start of a new Event, the VCA balance will be adjusted to the conditions for the start of this Event.
  24. A Сlient can take part in several Events at the same time. For each of the Events, he/she should go through a separate registration process.
  25. If there is any suspicion of the VCR Program terms violation, fraud, and/or detection of the documents forgery provided by a participant, the Company reserves the right to disqualify the Client from the Program, refuse to accrue the rewards, delete the already accrued rewards, as well as refuse to further participate in the Events and provide other services.
  26. The Company reserves the right to check the trading history of the participants for similar and opposite transactions in the trading history of other Program participants. In the Event of a complete or partial coincidence of transactions in same or the opposite directions for several participants, the Company has the right to disqualify these participants on suspicion of fraud and/or management of accounts by one person.
  27. The Company reserves the right to cancel the results of a participant that used non-market quotes during the Event. The inconsistency of the quotes is issued by the Company's Technical Department.
  28. Any participant can request the trading history of other participants of the same Event. To do this, he/she should send a request through any available contact method indicating the Event title, period, and the other participant’s VCA number.
  29. The words "complete a trade" means opening and closing a trading position.
  30. VCR Program participants are not allowed to use Expert Advisors when trading on VCA’s. Account type details are available in the Account Types table.
  31. The period of claiming the reward of any kind is 30 calendar days, starting from the moment of announcing the Event winners.
  32. The Company is entitled to refuse the registration for participants of the previous Volume Cash Reward events at the moment of registration for a new Event at its own discretion.
  33. If a live account linked to a VCR event is in the archive at the moment of paying the reward, the reward will not be added.