April 17, 2022

More spreads are dropping

Since today, more instruments have dropped the spreads on Cent and Standard account types.

April 11, 2022


ໃນວັນທີ 15 ເມສາ 2022, ຄູ່ XAUUSD, XAUEUR ແລະ XAGUSD ຈະປິດບໍ່ມີການຊື້ຂາຍ.

April 06, 2022

Spreads went down

As you know, tight spread is one of the key factors in the success of trading. Well, we made a lot of keys for you by dropping the spreads on all account types, including the Standard and Cent accounts too.

April 06, 2022

A new Contest starts today

We're glad to inform you about the launch of our new competition - Spring Classic Contest - which will start on 25.04

March 30, 2022

Meet 200% Celebration Bonus

Time to claim your gifts! FXCL launches a new promo - 200% Celebration Bonus.

March 27, 2022

Major changes in trading terms

Let the March madness begin. Since today our team prepared for you massive improvement in order to save funds and trade on another level of comfort and confidence.

March 21, 2022

Massive Improvements in the IB Program

You are to earn a huge chunk of dollars on the commission from your clients.

March 20, 2022

ປ່ຽນແປງເວລາ Daylight Saving Time

ເນື່ອງຈາກເວລາ Daylight Saving Time ເຊີ່ງຈະປ່ຽນຈາກ GMT+2 ເປັນ GMT+3.

March 17, 2022

Automatic Cashback Becomes Available for Cent and Start Acc.

We are bringing to your attention that the Automatic Cashback program is to be expanded since today with the account types Cent and Start.

February 16, 2022

ຕາຕະລາງຊື້ຂາຍຄຳແລະແຮ່ເງິນ ໃນວັນຈັນທີ່21 ກຸມພາ

ເນື່ອງໃນວັນພັກ Presidents' Day ຂອງປະເທດສະຫະລັດ ອາເມລິກາ ເວລາໃນການຊື້ຂາຍ ຄຳ XAGUSD, XAUEUR ແລະ ແຮ່ເງິນ XAUUSD ແລະ indices ຈະມີການປ່ຽນແປງໃນວັນທີ່ຈັນ ທີ່21 ກຸມພາ.